Affordable Housing Action Network

The Affordable Housing Action Network (AHAN) is a growing group of individuals and organizations in Hastings County who want to make a difference. The AHAN's mission is:

To create more affordable housing options for people who are precariously housed or homeless using a variety of approaches including collaborative networking, housing development, capacity building and advocacy.

If you have a housing emergency, and live in Hastings County, visit the Hastings Housing Resource Centre's emergency help page.

Affordable housing is a safe, secure, stable, accessible, living environment that allows a person to live within their income level, and maintain a healthy quality of life.

Homelessness is being without: a safe, secure, stable, accessible living environment and having to live on the street, in a vehicle, in a shelter, in a barn, in an abandoned building or sleep on someone's couch.

‘Precariously Housed’ is to be in a state of uncertainty around your living environment due to low wages, high rents, high utility costs and/or substandard living conditions.

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