Youth Hab

Youthab helps individuals obtain and maintain the three essentials for quality of life: housing, good mental health and employment.

Under the Youthab umbrella of services are the Career Edge Employment Programs, the Community Mental Health Counseling Program and three very specific Housing Programs: the Transition Home Program, Cooperative Housing, and the Hastings Housing Resource Centre Program.
Today, through our various programs and a dedicated staff of over 50 professionals, we provide confidential, professional services to over 10,000 people per year in the 6 communities we service in the Greater Quinte area.
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Emergency Assistance

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The Hastings Housing Resource Centre provides assistance locating and securing immediate temporary and permanent housing.


Youth Habilitation and the Hastings Housing Resource Centre does NOT endorse the following housing listings and information posted. We encourage ALL Housing seekers to research rental units before applying for any Housing.


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