Common Sense: "Your best defense..."

Common Sense

  • Read everything before signing.
  • Don't sign anything unless you understand it, and agree to what is written on it.
  • NEVER sign a blank piece of paper.
  • Always make sure you get a copy.
  • Be EXTREMELY careful if you are asked to co-sign, as you may be responsible for the entire debt.
  • Always get a rent receipt (Proof that they received it).
  • Always ask questions, there is never a dumb question.

Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation

  • 1-800-263-1139

Information is available for anyone who wants information on discrimination when
looking for rental accommodation.

If you believe that your rental unit has a health hazard and your landlord refuses to deal with the problem call the health unit in your area.

Health Unit:

  • Belleville 613 966-5500
  • Quinte West 613 394-4831
  • Madoc 613 473-4247
  • Bancroft 613 332-4555