General Information

Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB)


The LTB provides information to landlords and tenants including information about the Residential Tenancies Act. Information on the following topics are available by calling the LTB toll-free at 1-888-322-3234

  • Landlord/Tenant Rights and Responsibilities
  • Rules about Rent
  • Landlord/Tenant Applications
  • Hours of Operation and Office Location

"Fact Sheets" are also available from the LTB on a variety of topics. Visit the LTB website at

Filing LTB Documents

LTB Forms are available online at or you can pick up the forms at the Government Information Centre located at:


199 Front Street
Century Place
Suite 109
Belleville, Ontario K8N 5H5

  • Tel: 613-968-3769


50 Monck Street
Bancroft, Ontario KOL 1C0

The Government Information Centre will forward forms to the LTB on behalf of landlords and tenants. Payment for filing can be made by certified cheque, Visa/MasterCard, or cash.


Forms can also be obtained, filed and a Tribunal staff person is in site at the Kingston LTB Office.


Ontario Government Centre

Beechgrove Complex
51 Heakes Lane
Kingston, Ontario K7M 9B1

  • Fax: 1-888-377-8805
  • Phone: 613 536-7372
  • Office Hours:
    Monday to Friday - 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.,
    closed from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m

The Landlord Self-Help Centre (LSHC)

The LSHC is a speciality legal clinic providing information, assistance, and educational programs to Ontario's small-scale landlords free of charge. The LSHC provides information on landlord rights and responsibilities, referrals, legal advice, document preparation, educational materials, and educational presentations to financially eligible landlords. Visit the LSHC website at The website provides links to other useful resources such as landlord associations, community legal clinics, government agencies, and community organizations. Annual membership within the LSHC costs $10.00 and entitles you to receive four issues of LSHC's Quarterly Newsletter, e-mail bulletins and to attend the LSHC Annual General Meeting.


The Landlord Self Help Centre is
located at:

425 Adelaide Street West
4th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3C1

  • Tel: (416) 504-5190
  • Toll: 1-800-730-3218
  • Fax: (416)504-1932

Lawyer Referral Service (LRS)


If you need the services of a lawyer, you can call the LRS at 1-900-565-4577 (a $6.00 charge will appear on your phone bill for this service). You will be referred to a local lawyer in your area for a free half-hour consultation.
For information on the LRS, visit the Law Society of Upper Canada website at

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)


Another helpful resource is CLEO, which provides legal information on various topics including landlord and tenant law. Visit the CLEO website at The Website provides links to other useful resources such as public legal education and laws.

Other Sources of Information


Additionally, public libraries and bookstores may carry self-counsel and/or legal texts on housing law.
Visit the Belleville Public Library website at