Youth Hab

Youthab helps individuals obtain and maintain the three essentials for quality of life: housing, good mental health and employment.

Under the Youthab umbrella of services are the Career Edge Employment Programs, the Community Mental Health Counseling Program and three very specific Housing Programs: the Transition Home Program, Cooperative Housing, and the Hastings Housing Resource Centre Program.
Today, through our various programs and a dedicated staff of over 50 professionals, we provide confidential, professional services to over 10,000 people per year in the 6 communities we service in the Greater Quinte area.
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Non-Profit Housing Providers

Families, Seniors, and Singles

Youth Habilitation Quinte Inc.

210 A Front St.
Belleville, On

Covering Belleville, Quinte West, Central and North Hastings and Prince Edward County.

  • Tel: 613 969-0830

Hastings Housing Program Branch

Belleville & District, Quinte West, Bancroft, Desoronto, Frankford, Madoc, Marmora, Stirling, Quinte West, and Tweed.

Steps to RGI application: Scroll down to online Application for Social Housing on the right side of the page, click on Housing Application.

  • Tel: 613 968-3465

Belleville & District

Trent-Moira Co-operative Estates

  • Tel: 613 962-6686

Quinte West

Trenton Non-Profit Housing Corporation

  • Tel: 613 392-2511


North Hastings Non-Profit Housing Corporation

  • Tel: 613 332-0876


Belleville & District

Aldersgate Homes
Belleville Emmanual Residences

  • Tel: 613 962-1192
  • Tel: 613 969-8475

Quinte West

Trenton Memorial Lodge
Trenton Ont Branch 110 Legion Non-Profit Housing Corporation

  • Tel: 613 394-2688
  • Tel: 613 394-9973


Thurlow Non-Profit Housing Inc.

  • Tel: 613 966-5628


H.G. Parkin Living Centre

  • Tel: 613 472-5390


R.J. Brooks Living Centre
York River Heights Senior Citizens Complex

  • Tel: 613 332-4228
  • Tel: 613 332-2420