I need extra help to find housing

What is an Intensive Case Manager (ICM)?

An Intensive Case Manager is someone who can assist individuals or families who are persistently homeless, currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless due to safety or health issues. The Intensive Case Manager can assist these individuals or families in finding housing that is safe and affordable. Once the housing is stabilized, the Intensive Case Manager can help the individual or family identify other resources that may be needed to maintain this stability, i.e. food, employment, child care services, clothing. If the individual or family desires or needs other services, the Intensive Case Manager can make referrals to other community resources.

Services Offered:

  • Assistance in determining housing needs
  • Assistance with the housing search
  • Referrals to other services and advocacy for the resources needed
  • Information and support needed to be successful
  • Who can qualify for this Program?

    In order for an individual or family to qualify for the Intensive Case Management Program, they must have at least three of the following criteria:

  • Be homeless or be at risk of becoming homeless due to safety or health issues
  • Have a mental illness or an addiction issue
  • Be a victim of domestic violence
  • Lack the knowledge of local resources
  • Have a disability or a communication barrier
  • Have no supports (family, friends, etc.) in the community
  • Have actively searched for housing but have been unsuccessful
  • How to Contact the Intensive Case Manager?

    Hastings Housing Resource Centre
    210A Front Street
    Belleville, ON. K8N-2Z2

    Quinte West