Counselling Services

Youthab's Community Mental Health Program

81 Dundas St. W.,
Quinte West ON, K8V 3P4



The Community Mental Health Program provides intake, assessment and counselling services to young adults who are experiencing social, emotional, or family problems. Services are offered in Belleville, Trenton, and Madoc.

The program offers the following alternatives:

  • individual and family counselling
  • eating disorder treatment
  • anger management
  • life skills and social skills
  • information and consultation services

Clients may receive service independent of their involvement in Youthab's housing and employment programs.

Trenton Military Family Resource Centre

50 Rivers Drive East, Box 1000 STN Forces.
Astra ON KOK 3W0



7:30 am - 5:00 pm
Friday: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Information Referral Programs Coordinator


Education and Quality of Life Programs Coordinator


Volunteer Services Coordinator

392-2811 ext. 3557

Children & Youth Services Coordinator

392-2811 ext. 3598/2382

Prevention/Intervention Program Coordinator

392-2811 ext. 3899 (English).
ext. 7670 (French)

The Quinte West Military Family Resource Center is committed to pursuing their mission to provide the military community with service, resources and support, enhancing 8 WING/CFB Quinte West's ability to meet its operational commitments. It offers military personnel information and referral services, education and quality of life program services, prevention and intervention program services, children and youth program services among many others.

Crisis Intervention Services

WCA4, Belleville General Hospital, 245 Dundas St. E.,
Belleville ON K8N 5K5

613 969-7400 ext. 2753
Toll-free: 1-888-757-7766

613 961-2528

24 hour crisis line

Crisis Intervention Services provide crisis intervention, assessment, referral and short term crisis resolution support. Services can be accessed toll-free, 24hrs through our crisis line. Walk in and emergency room response can be provided during business hours. Appointments can be scheduled 7 days a week, which includes evenings until 10:00 pm. We are available on certain days in Picton Quinte West, Madoc and Bancroft as well as daily in Belleville. Emergency outreach is also available for anyone in the Belleville area unable to access office visits. Any adult, 16 years or older suffering from a mental health crisis resulting from psychiatric, emotional, psychosocial or situational factors may call.

Sexual Assault Centre Quinte and District (SACQD)

41 Octavia St. Belleville,
Community Resource Centre,
(Formerly the Queen Mary School), Belleville, Ontario

613 967-6300
TTD: 613 967-5902
Crisis: 613 967-6000
Toll-free Crisis Line: 1-877-544-6424

613 967-6527

9:00am - 4:00pm

SACQD provides immediate support, information and options for victims of sexual assault through the 24-hour crisis line. There are services and resources available for: female survivors; male survivors; parents prevention; and support groups for mom's or dad's (or parents together) of children that have been sexually assaulted. An appointment is necessary to receive services. There is a waiting list of 2 weeks to 3 months for services.

Resources available:

"A Safe Place to Peel an Onion'' is a novel for teenagers who are looking to find a way out of emotional and sexual abuse from within the family context. Novel covers such issues as reporting abuse, safety, crisis lines and safe homes. The story is modeled on services currently available in Quinte Region.

Sexual Assault Response Program (SARP)

41 Octavia, Belleville ON

613 969-7400, ext 2095
Crisis Line: 613-967-6000

SARP provides trained sexual assault workers and nurses to support recent adult victims of sexual assault to hospital for medical care and/or to police stations. Support female or male victims in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties.

Children's Mental Health Services (Belleville)

3 Applewod Drive, Belleville

613 966-3100


8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Children's Mental Health Services provides a range of counselling/assessment services for children and their families who are residents of Hastings and Prince Edward Counties.

Quinte West Office:

Tel: 613 392-4331

Madoc Office:

Tel: 613 473-1685

Picton Office:

Tel: 613 476-8252

Bancroft Office:

Tel: 613 332-3807

Occasionally there is a waiting list, depending on the service. To apply for services, provide a third-party or self referral.

Mental Health Services Hastings Prince Edward

3 Applewood Drive, Belleville

613 967-4734
Toll-free: 1-800-243-3391

613 968-4312

8:30am - 4:30pm

Mental Health Services Hastings Prince Edward provides many different mental health services in the communities of Hastings an Prince Edward Counties, including: case management, mental health counselling; housing and housing support groups; geriatric assessment; mental health court diversion and a number of supportive groups. These voluntary services are free of charge to all people and we offer them in a client-centred manner wherever the person is most comfortable. People can ask for service themselves and referrals from family members are welcome. The agency is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Bancroft Office

33 Flint Ave, Bancroft



Tweed Office

41 McClellan St.,
Bag Service 99, Tweed

613 478-5224

613 478-1220

Quinte West Office

27 King St. West, Quinte West



Picton Office

82 King St, Picton

613 476-2990

613 476-6403

Counselling Services of Belleville and District (CSBD)

12 Moira St, E. Belleville



8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Counselling Services of Belleville and District (CSBD), is a non-profit charitable organization. CSBD is a community based resource agency responding to the need for assessment, counselling, advocacy and support. We strive to enhance the effectiveness and well-being of persons of all ages, families and the community. CSBD strives to work collaboratively with collateral agencies and the community as a whole to ensure the most effective and beneficial support is provided. CSBD is a multi-service agency with a number of programs including; Family Resource and Support, Adult Protective Services, Behavioural Consulting Services, Infant Development, the Home Personnel and Resource Program, Family Court Clinic, Supervised Access Services and Individual, Marital and Family Counselling Program.

Service Fees: Sessional rate for Individual, Family and Marital counselling.